This palette really evolved during the design process. We started out with essentially one shade of green and it has since expanded to many shades of green with blue accents. The carpets are gray field with green accents, mostly in an olive green. One of the LVTs is also gray field but includes several shades of green and the other pulls in the accent blue. The upholstery features three shades of green while the wallcovering pulls two of the shades and adds the blue. 


Budget: $$$


General Office Level 3 palettes include three carpets, two LVTs, wall base, field paint, two accent paints, an acoustical product, a chair, chair upholstery and wallcovering. As always, a bonus item awaits! 

Also included is a complementary 30-minute video discussion. Whether you want to discuss this palette specifically, or just want general interior design and decorating help, we're excited to include this service with your palette purchase.