The Switch Up

You've seen us say our palettes can be used for rooms other than the room categories we utilize but have you wondered what that would actually look like? Well, it's time to take a deep dive into what a switch up could really mean for you!


Bathroom ---> Kitchen

Switching a bathroom palette to kitchen will take a little more design work on your part than other switches. But you can do it!

Bathroom palettes include two wall tiles, backsplash and shower wall. You can eliminate one tile or if you would prefer to utilize both, they can be mixed throughout the backsplash or one in one area, one in another. The images below show how two tiles can be mixed together, on the left from Bathroom Warm Color #1 and the right from Bathroom Warm Neutral #4


Also, in most of the bathroom palettes, the two flooring materials are the same tile line and color, but different styles; the main floor is a larger format and the shower flooring is mosaic. When it comes to a kitchen, less grout lines are better so we recommend utilizing only the main flooring tile or incorporating the mosaic in an area least likely to be subject to spills. 

For our example, we're showing Bathroom Warm Neutral #1 using both wall tiles, in separate locations, and we've eliminated the shower flooring tile. 


Bedroom ---> Office

This will likely be the easiest switch from one room type to another. We utilized Bedroom Cool Color #1 for this example. We wouldn't expect a lot of revisions from one room type to another. Mainly, make sure you size the flooring to accommodate the desk, chair, and where the chair moves. Bedroom palettes translate to living rooms easily as well! 



Kitchen ---> Bathroom

While we hope that everyone has the space in their home for the spa-like bathroom we created in our model, that might be less reflective of your home. Or maybe your master bath is decked out, but your guest bath still needs a bit of love. All of the Kitchen palette materials transfer wonderfully to a bathroom. Don't worry if your bathroom has a shower surround, the backsplash tile can still be utilized! If the backsplash tile is smaller format or mosaic, consider keeping it a backsplash. As shown below, if you transfer the materials of Kitchen Cool Color #2 to a bathroom, the backsplash tile could work exactly the same; the backsplash is installed directly above the countertop only.
The height can stay low, for just a pop, or take it all the way to your ceiling for maximum drama. If it's a larger format, it can work as a tile wainscot or as the shower surround. In our example, we've used Kitchen Warm Color #4 with the backsplash shown as a wainscot. 

Powder Room ---> Laundry Room

Who said laundry rooms have to be boring? More and more, people are designing their laundry rooms and we think Powder Room palettes transfer very nicely. Many designed laundry rooms use wall tile or a wood accent wall to add pizzazz, utilizing wallcovering adds a whole room pop! 



Sports Cave ---> Kitchen

Are you suggesting I change my kitchen to a sports themed room?!? Nope! When we're done, you'll see how the sports theme disappears into a great looking kitchen. It's an especially great switch for those that love color!

Cabinets are expensive. But who wants to remodel their kitchen only to see the one of the main visuals unchanged? Painting cabinets is an easy way to give them new life in a more cost-saving way. Put that savings into replacing the hardware and you've got a whole new look. However, we understand that some of these accent colors are much more bold than one would want on all their cabinets. Where the accent paint color is too much for you to use all over, consider using it sparingly. You could use it on base or upper cabinets, under an island, as a refrigerator enclosure, or full-height pantry cabinet; don't get too nervous playing with your options, it's just paint! In our example using Sports Cave Pro Hockey Missouri #1, we used the accent color on the base cabinets and choose a complementary ivory for the uppers. 


This switch also provides a bit of bonus. For those the like rugs and mats in their kitchens, the flooring in the Sports Cave palettes can be utilized as such. Get creative with the layout to accommodate the size your space needs. In our example here with Sports Cave Pro Football Wisconsin #1, the pattern of the carpet turned into a runner perfectly!



What about Commercial palettes?

Residential palettes aren't the only ones that work great for switching! Did you know you that many Break Room and Restroom palettes include materials that do not require trade professionals to purchase? If you're more of a wallcovering person, switching a Restroom palette to work in your bathroom could be great for you!

But we're not just talking about using a commercial palette for a residential project. While our Commercial palettes have been designed with the workplace in mind, they are applicable to so many more commercial applications! There are way too many options to list them all but these are some ideas that come to mind:

  • Break Room: Coffee shop, hotel reception, tattoo studio
  • General Office: Boutique retail, hotel public areas, restaurant
  • Restroom: Ice cream parlor, nail salon, apartment amenities



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