Now Available - Paint Palettes

Now Available - Paint Palettes

By Amanda Klein

Now Available - Paint Palettes

As IID has continued to grow, we want want to make sure we're adding products that are helpful to our customers. We're going to be putting out a blog post soon about the costs of doing a home remodel. When you put numbers to paper, a lot of people might retract at the bottom line (never mind the time a remodel takes), even when utilizing IID as an affordable interior design option.


So what happens when you want to make a change, you need help, but you don't have the budget for an interior designer or thorough renovation? PAINT! Paint is the most economical interior finish available. And although an undertaking, painting typically does not close down a room for days or weeks, you can live in your home and life will be mostly as usual. You can also take more chances with paint. Always wanted a bold teal living room? Paint it! Live with it for a month or two. And if it turns out not to be your style, the time and cost to paint over are considerably less than remodeling.


Available exclusively in our Etsy store, we're now offering curated paint palettes. Most palettes are 20 colors, nine colors paired with nine neutrals and two whites for trim work. We're leaning into the trend of all over color, making colors the star of these palettes. Of course, you may not want to go that far so we also show examples of color as an accent wall and accent area. Each palette is a mix of cool and warm, light and dark, brights and neutral undertones. 


While interior color design is a smaller project than home remodeling, it can still be daunting. Our hope is that these palettes provide you a way to take a chance on color, make a change within your home, but not deal with stress and second guessing of just walking into a paint or home improvement store and becoming overwhelmed with all your options. 


Head over to our Etsy store today to check out the palettes!


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