Embrace Color Embrace Pattern

Embrace Color Embrace Pattern

By Amanda Klein

Embrace Color Embrace Pattern

Hi all, Amanda here. Recently, I've really gotten into Instagram Reels and I've noticed that of home interiors videos that popped up, most were stark white or white with wood and plant accents only. It got me wondering, have people become scared of color and pattern? There's certainly something to be said for a gorgeous, minimalist home. But what really stands out to me is not just the lack of color, but also of pattern. Color and pattern are utilized in interior design to create interest. Without those, where is our eye drawn, what creates interest? 


Once upon a time, bathrooms were pale pink and kitchens were burnt orange or avocado. Were all the color choices great? Oh no. But was it fun to see the chances people would take with color? Heck yes! It seems like I'm not the only one encouraging the use of color. A couple of quick searches indicate one of the big trends of 2021 is use of color. I am really excited by that prospect.


So what is with Embrace Color Embrace Pattern? I'm on a mission to start a movement. While I enjoy seeing these all-white homes, I really, really want to see the blue, herringbone, yellow, plaid, etc. homes! I want to see you embrace color and pattern in your home to showcase not just the space, but your personality. I want to see our spaces, work and living, come to life with energy. 


Now, if you're one to shy away from color and pattern, don't fret. This doesn't have to be a 0 to 60 MPH prospect. While I'd love to see you paint your entire living room a color, I understand that color and pattern aren't for everyone. So go small. Use colors with neutral base tones. Swap out a few of your throw pillows. Grab a chunky throw and display it at the end of your bed. Use art to inject color and pattern. Consider colored furniture pieces that are easy to swap out if you don't love them. The opportunities are truly endless. But mostly importantly, take it one step at a time and build up to where you feel comfortable.


We've started a new Insta account, please go give it a follow. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we'll showcase spaces that we think do a great job of embracing color and pattern. If you've got a colorful and / or patterned space you'd like to share, we'd love to show it, and you, some love. Please send us an email at embrace@instantinteriordesign.com with a photo of your space and your Insta handle.


We've also got some fun merchandise in our Etsy store so you can spread the word that you embrace color and pattern. 


Let's do this! #embracecolor #embracepattern



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