Apartment Styling Ideas

Apartment Styling Ideas

By Amanda Klein

Apartment Styling Ideas

It’s the bane of most apartment dwellers existence, we want to personalize our living spaces but being that we don’t own the space, our abilities are limited. While any type of décor can be purchased, sometimes it’s the more permanent finishes we’d like to see our own. While you could paint or install peel and stick wallcovering, you’d have to repaint before moving out and peel and stick products can be touch and go on textured walls, which many apartments have. Don't fret, apartment styling (and home styling, maybe you own but don't want to remodel) can be easier than you think. Here are a few ways to set your space apart!


Idea for your living room

Décor is the easiest way to personalize a space, and the best option for those that like to change their style frequently. Consider rugs and pillows for most easy swap-ability. There are a ton of options on the market for pillowcases and rug covers these days. These are especially handy for those that like to switch things up and they store small, so they don’t take up valuable apartment storage spaces.

Effort Level: Easy


Affordable styling ideas for your apartment

While furniture can be a great place to inject color and pattern, some pieces can be hard to switch without having to change a piece outright; that could cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead, as shown here, consider accent pieces that could be easily revamped. These side table could be repainted to complement your current design mood. Or if you’re feeling particularly DIY adventurous, decoupage to add pattern. This ottoman that doubles as coffee tables is also a great idea. This top might need to be professionally reupholstered due to the tufting, but a flat-topped ottoman could be changed out easily.

Effort Level: Easy to Medium


Cool styling ideas for your living room

Another quick and easy spot to customize is window treatments. Apartment living means being surrounded by expanses of white or beige walls. Curtains can inject a lot of color or pattern, especially when installed ceiling to floor. To really add interest, consider creating an accent wall using rods and curtains (or a fabric, break out your sewing skills); a great alternate to paint or wallcovering.

Effort Level: Medium to Hard


 Great styling ideas for your bedroom

Headboards are another great location to bring in your own style with a ton of design options available. And bonus, they are a really simple DIY piece! If you’re up for the challenge, you can add paint, wallcovering, or fabric to a substrate of your size and shape choosing; mount it on the wall behind your bed and voila! This also allows for that ever-common theme of this post, changeability. Or keep it rustic and warm and select a wood and stain to complement your décor. Headboards can be oversized to really pack a punch in your bedroom and depending on the size you chose, replicate a paint or wallcovering accent wall.

Effort Level: Easy to Medium



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