It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Seasonal Stylings - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

By Amanda Klein

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's time for the first Seasonal Stylings post! Every two months, we'll gather décor and styling ideas that relate to a holiday or season in those months. The post will include décor for multiple rooms to allow for all over styling!


December truly is the most wonderful time of the year! No matter what holidays you celebrate, the crisp air, snow, and sparkling lights create an atmosphere that is magic. To bring that feeling home, check out these décor recommendations.

When it comes to Seasonal Stylings, even though the recommendations will be divided into rooms, we'll keep the same theme running through them; that could be a color, pattern, or texture. For this post, we're taking our cue from many of the paint manufacturers who has selected a dusty teal for their color of the year. We think this color, and the complements we've shown here, will provide beautiful, sophisticated décor for any home. 


Living Room

The anchor of any living room for those that celebrate Christmas is a gorgeous Christmas tree. If you're in need of a tree, and willing to go bold, this champagne-colored tree will definitely turn heads. For the ornaments, we selected three sets with teal, navy, copper, and gold options in multiple shapes. To tie it all together, we think simple white lights are perfect.

(Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel TreeGeorgetown Ornament Set, Mini Egg Glass Ornament SetDecorated Glass Ball Ornament Set)

This color scheme could definitely be used all year round but we selected smaller items for the rest of the room that can be stored away if needed. Or, if you are only using for the holidays, consider donating when complete; you'll be able to get all new stuff next year!

(KIA Marble Raised Foil Pillow, Square Basket Weave Pillow, Rachel Kate Geometric Pillow, Happycare Textiles Knitted Throw, Serene Spaces Living Glass Votive Holders, Gold Mercury Glass Votive Holders)


Dining Room

While this year might mean you're setting a smaller table, it doesn't mean that you still can't go all out. We based the table décor on the handmade Polish dinnerware set and bonus, the set has many matching serving items. It pulls the navy into the tablescape with a bit of whimsy, and we're balancing it with teal and gold accents. If you don't have pets, or know they won't get on the table, white poinsettias are the perfect vase filler, but we're showing an alternate here in case your home isn't poinsettia friendly. 

(Saro Lifestyle Snowflake Oblong TableclothUltimate Textile Majestic Napkins in TurquoiseIzma Angled Dark Teal Vase, Bloom Room Holiday Christmas Snowy Hydrangea Berry & Pinecone, Blue Rose Polish Pottery Winter Nights Dinnerware, Threshold Stainless Steel Silverware in GoldMikasa Electric Boulevard Goblets in Gold)



While you might host some sort of holiday gathering at your home any other year, this year celebrating will be rather different. Even if it means only the home's residents celebrating, don't forget to spruce up your bathroom. We found this festive shower curtain in our theme teal and paired it with navy hand towels and rug. Unless you're going to completely change the décor, don't feel like you have to invest in new bath towels, especially if you really won't have any guests; for the future when you will, just make sure the bath towels are tucked away when guests are in the house and save on that expense. The soap dispenser and additional hand towels add the gold accent we've been working with. And last but not least, if you have counter space, a beautiful ceramic tree to round it all out!

(Mistletoe Farms Glamour Dispenser and Towel Set, Milltown Merchants Ceramic Christmas Tree, Signature Bath Mat, Signature Hand Towel, Deny Designs Aquios Arctic Ice Shower Curtain)

However you're celebrating this season, we wish you a festive and joyous holiday! 



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