Seasonal Stylings - Coming Up Roses

Seasonal Stylings - Coming Up Roses

By Amanda Klein

Seasonal Stylings - Coming Up Roses

Well hello there! Yes, we've been away for a while, falling down the design rabbit hole and loving every minute! But we're getting back to the other stuff as well and kicking 2021's blog offerings off with a Seasonal Stylings post all about spring. To recap, Seasonal Stylings is our every couple of months post that gathers décor and styling ideas that relate to a holiday or season. The post will include décor for multiple rooms to allow for all over styling!


This year, we've noticed that the Pantone Color of the Year is more prevalent in the "real world" then we've previously seen; you may have checked out our newest residential palettes utilizing the combo. We love the classic look of gray and yellow and thinking it's a great starting point for a spring themed refresh. But let's turn it up; taking a cue from the hues offered in these roses, we're adding in bright greens, pinks, and oranges as secondary accents. Primary and secondary accents are a great way to use interior color design to your benefit; make your primary accent color predominant and consistent and use the secondary colors to play with different looks. As you continue to build this seasonal collection, keep in mind that all your individual colors don't need to be the same; take another cue from the shade variations of nature to mix and match!


First and foremost, we're encouraging you to splurge and grab up bouquets of fresh flowers for the ultimate décor additions! We've included some great vase options to use throughout your home for great looking - and smelling - décor!


Living Room

Spring will have sprung when you add these pieces to your home. As mentioned, the overall color pop is yellow, but we've supplemented with our secondary accent colors. In some instances, the primary and secondary show up on an item while others are just the secondary accent color. While not a must, we think having at least one item that has most of your utilized accent colors is a good idea.

(Yellow Throw Pillow, Pink Stripe Throw Pillow, Zigzag Throw Pillow, Wreath, Vase, Art, Candleholders)



Duvet covers are a great option for styling a bedroom multiple times a year. But don't forget your sheets! Sheets should be replaced every two to three years depending on wear. Consider selecting a set in your primary accent color to use year round. 


 (Duvet Cover, Rug, Vase, Art, Basket)



Your kitchen might be the easiest spot to add yellow. Bright, sunny yellow products for the kitchen can be found almost anywhere. For an easy countertop or island accent, find a simple bowl or vase and fill with lemons, oranges, and limes to highlight most of our accent colors. 

(Placemat, Towel, Towel, Utensil Container, Platter, Vase)


Whether you'll be doing a full décor refresh or just adding loads of flowers throughout your home, we hope it's bright and cheerful!


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