Wallcoverings That Wow

Product of the Month - Wallcoverings That Wow

By Amanda Klein

Wallcoverings That Wow

If you hadn't noticed, wallcoverings are back in style, but these aren't your grandmothers wallcovering designs; lots of pattern, lots of texture, lots of color. Normally we'd give a variety of suggestions, but in this case, we're going for the wow factor; you won't find any simple solids in this list!


Brewster Black & White Paws

While this wallcovering seems to lean toward a child's room, we think it would be super fun in a powder room or basement bar.


Graham & Brown Botanica

Flower and leaf wallcoverings are great for many room types, but we love this style in light pink for a relaxing bathroom. 


Innovations Rangoli

Batik is a timeless style that shows up on fabrics, pillows, and bedding in the home. Instead, put the batik on your wall and go with simple textures and colors to complement. 


Olivia + Poppy Collide-O-Scope

This wallcovering, full of pattern and texture, can overwhelm if not used sparingly. Pair with white furniture and finishes to go super mod. 


York On The Savanna

We can't forget about the kiddos! Pastel and light colors will make even the busiest pattern feel right at home in a nursery or child's room.


West Elm Flamingo 

Last but not least, we couldn't end this list without a full on crazy submission. These flamingos will inject so much color and fun into a room, it will be the talk of the house!


Looking to add some wallcovering wow to your home or office? Check out these palettes!


(From left to right: Bedroom Cool Color #3, General Office Level 3 Warm Palette with Heavy Accent #2, Powder Room Cool Neutral #1)


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