Introducing Interior Design Now

By Amanda Klein

What can we say, we love interior design! And when you love something, you tend not only immerse yourself in that thing, you also want to tell everyone you know about it. For us, it's interior design. And while we still want to give you amazing residential and commercial material finish palettes for sale, we also want to share other aspects of interior design. So we've started this blog! 

We hope to post a few times a month on a variety of topics. We're going to post monthly topics on our Product of the Month and Color of the Month. For Product of the Month, we'll select one finish or decor item and show you a handful of those we love. For Color of the Month, we'll select a color and show you a variety of items in that color. For both, we'll provide links to all the products and materials we highlight. We're also going to do regular posts dedicated to Seasonal Styling; we'll provide a decor and finish design based upon seasons and holidays. 

If you have a request on other topics or features, drop us a note and you might see it posted here! 


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