Instant Interior Decor

Instant Interior Decor

By Amanda Klein

Instant Interior Decor

We love what we’ve created with Instant Interior Design, but after a few months we’ve realized we’re leaving out a lot of people in need of our decorating help. That’s when we decided that we should add décor palettes to our offerings. That brought us to Instant Interior Décor or IIDécor. We’ve created two palette levels; small includes three items and large, six items. The palettes will include a mix of furniture, pillows, rugs, vases, mirrors, lamps, you name it! Anything that can be used to make your house a home without the need to install it permanently, perfect for renters.


IIDécor will be setup a little differently than IID. Because all the items provided will be available online, we are able to give you the retail price of the palette. This allows you to build your own budget and understand what you’re really investing in. We’ll aim to keep the small palettes no more than $500 and the large no more than $1,000. And what you see is what you get; there are no bonus items included in IIDecor palettes. Also, IIDécor will only be available once, so get them before they are gone!


As with most décor items, there may be size or color variation options to the items we’ve selected; we’ve noted what size item we used to calculate the approximate pricing. The approximate pricing is based on either three or six single items, save for curtains which we’ll include as a pair of panels, unless we've noted otherwise. So, it’s possible that you could spend less when you’re ready to purchase if you decide to use a variant at a lower price. There are also always options for sales and many of the vendors we’re utilizing provide one-time discounts for signing up for their mailings.


We hope that adding these offerings will not only provide those that don’t own there own places a chance to add some flair to their space but also allow for those that do invest in IID to be able to round out their spaces in one click! Home remodeling doesn't need to be limited to a big construction project, redoing your home décor can create as new space too. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see in the Instant Interior Design or Instant Interior Décor palettes, and we’ll see what we can do!


Check out the initial IIDecor Small offerings here!


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