Summertime Blues

Color of the Month - Summertime Blues

By Amanda Klein

Summertime Blues

Don’t worry, these products won’t give you actual blues! Instead, they’ll bring crashing waves and clear skies into your home.

Cement Tile Shop Sunset Tile

Hand painted tiles are a must have in your bathroom or kitchen. We love the two-tone blues and simple but interesting pattern of this tile.

Pro Tip: Don’t get sticker shock when looking at hand painted tile pricing. If your budget doesn’t allow for hand painted tile throughout, consider pairing it with a solid, more economical tile; the hand painted tile then becomes an eye-popping accent.

Christopher Knight Home Alveton Rug

Don’t forget about your outdoor space, it needs styling too! This outdoor rug includes a bright aqua coupled with royal blue that looks straight out of a costal home.

Pro Tip: Outdoor rugs aren’t soft and luxurious but that doesn’t mean they can’t be brought indoors. Outdoor rugs can be great in kitchens and dining rooms where potential liquid spills can happen; they’re great for ease of cleaning.

Benjamin Moore Paint in Cool Aqua

One of the fun things about design is the ability to take chances and do something beyond the norm; color schemes are a great place to do that. This bright aqua would pair wonderfully with white or gray but becomes a showstopper with a beige or tan. Despite being cool, it doesn’t cool off the entire color scheme when paired with warm colors.

Pro Tip: According to trends, a single accent wall is on the way out. So a couple of other ways to use a bright accent paint are to use it throughout the room (limit the color elsewhere in the room; stick to neutrals with no other colors or a minimal second accent color) or install with a wainscot (white beadboard is great but there are a lot of wood accent products on the market).


Crate & Barrel Percy Vase

We love Crate & Barrel’s vase offerings; they always have a great variety of fun shapes and great colors. This geometric vase in a deep teal would be a perfect addition to any home, whether used as standalone décor or a centerpiece with a floral arrangement.

Pro Tip: Vases are a key component to styling, but don’t always have to be used as a vase. As long as the vase provides interest in color, shape, or both, you shouldn’t feel obliged to fill it.

Vetrazzo Quartz

When you’re looking for green products, there is nothing better than those that use recycled components. This quartz, in Floating Blue, uses recycled architectural glass for a sea of blue chips throughout the surface. And recycled glass countertops not only inject color, but a lot of interest.

Pro Tip: Feeling a little nervous about using a colored product for something you don’t intend to replace for a long time? Consider using it small portions, maybe only an island countertop instead of the whole kitchen. Another way is to use a color than is complementary to a variety of others; instead on the built-in color being the main accent color, it becomes secondary.

snapNstitches Chenille Throw Pillow

If you’ve been pillow shopping recently, you probably know there isn’t a lot of variety or offering in many stores. Instead, Etsy is a great spot to get homemade items for styling. This round pillow is great because the size and shape are unique and chenille is a fantastic fabric, so soft!

Pro Tip: Throw pillows are the most economical way to inject color and texture into a room without spending big bucks. However, they obviously take up a lot of room and sometimes are actually in the way. Be sure to include a storage piece to stow pillows away when not in use.


Looking for interior finishes for an entire room where blue is center stage?

Check out these IID palettes!

Summertime Blues IID palettes

(From left to right: Bathroom Warm Color #3, Bedroom Cool Color #1, Sports Cave Pro Football Michigan #1)



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