Autumn Amethyst

While you won't see amethyst on your leaf viewing drives, it does make a wonderful complement for the beautiful golds, oranges, and auburns of the season.


Bed Bath and Beyond Madison Park Holly Duvet Cover Set

This bedding set is light and airy with a hint of amethyst and while it has an floral theme, is not overly feminine. 

Pro Tip: Consider adding golden yellow throw pillows when decorating for fall. We really like this pillow, it matches the comforter with a white background and colored design while also continuing the nature theme.


Benjamin Moore Paint in Winter Gray

The key to a great purple paint is a smoky undertone, it moves it toward a neutral and doesn't overpower. 

Pro Tip: While you might be inclined to utilize light purple paint in a bedroom only, consider it for bathrooms and powder rooms; it can be used to create a spa-like experience.


Cost Plus World Market Mini Bud Vases in Purple

While a larger vase might be more dramatic, smaller vases in groups allow for larger coverage and more variety in what they hold.

Pro Tip: These bunches of faux protea in autumn tones for these vases will create some seriously fun fall decor.


Olivia + Poppy Eleven Wallpaper in Lavender + White

You know we love a bold wallcovering and this fits the bill. However, we like that this design has a white background tempering the overall feel while still providing a striking look with a soft, purple design. 

Pro Tip: Many residential wallcovering manufacturers are producing both standard adhesive and peel-and-stick or temporary adhesive. If you like variety, consider investing in a temporary wallcovering that you can change more easily. 


Kohl's Park Avenue Super Chunky Knit Throw

Throws are one of the easiest decor items to add to a space, they're functional and they don't take up a ton of room when they need to be stored away. And chunky knits are not only very in but also exude coziness for cool autumn nights!

Pro Tip: While you can never have too many blankets and throws, you can display too many; keep them sparse as standard decor. If you're having guests over to for movie night or around the fire pit, keep extras at arms reach. 


Crossville Tile Glass Blox in Dusk

If you've been with us for a while, you know we love smoky undertones. This tile delivers on that big time! 

Pro Tip: When utilizing glass tile, be sure to plan how the tile will fit in the space. Glass tile does not cut as cleanly as porcelain or ceramic tiles so make sure you can face the cut side away from adjacent tiles, like toward a wall or counter. 


Looking for more purple in your life? These finish and decor palettes might do the trick!


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